First Post

December 3, 2010

This is Blackboard Fiction’s first post, in what will aim to be a continuous typepost of book news and website updates as the shop is constructed and opens.

There was always going to be a bookshop called ‘Blackboard Fiction’ in my life, and even though the economic climate (of my bank account) isn’t appropriate to opening it in that vague wakening called ‘reality’, the web is and shall always be, I hope, open to everyone. My shop will sell the good books, the old books, the new books, and, as a speciality, the educational books, and educational resources shall also be available; sometimes some kids just need a helping hand, and tutoring doesn’t come cheap for those who are missing out at school – any school –  for whatever reason.  Moreover, my shop will be a place to visit and feel comfortable, and the beauty of having the whole web at my command is I get to pick the cosiest armchairs.

Please come in, ‘like’ us and become a regular customer. There will always be something new to see or do. We’re getting a gallery open soon, and after Christmas the magazine for school-age writers is starting up… such a lot to do before we even get the stock in!

See you soon,

Jenks (Proprietor, Blackboard Fiction)


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